How to Create Contractor Invoices

How to Create Contractor Invoices

The most effective Contractor invoices contain all the necessary information to facilitate swift payment by your client.

Step 1 – Add your Contractor details

Include your Contractor name, address and phone number at the top of your invoice so that your client knows who the invoice is from. An invoice that is unique will also ensure that your client will notice it. Try adding a branded font, logo or icon to help your invoice stand out from the crowd and make it recognizable

Step 2- Add Project details

Now add your client details and then add a table showing project details. A list that shows all the work completed by you during the contract will make the invoice easy to understand. The client will have little uncertainty as to what they are paying for. Always include purchase order numbers and detailed description of the work completed for each item on the list as well as project references.

Step 3 – Add Detailed Costings for work Completed

The costings of each item listed for work completed must be added to your table. Include a breakdown of the project duration, the hourly rate, number of hours worked. Include a subtotal and total amount at the end of the table showing the final amount to be paid.

Step 4- Add Notes

Include a separate section that will allow you to add personalized notes to your client for instance a thank you note or a reminder.

Step 5 – Add Payment terms

You need to clearly state your payment terms next. This will ensure that your client knows when they must pay you and no delay occurs. If a client delays payment than you can follow up with an overdue payment notice.

Step 6 – Add Your Payment details

You should include your bank name, account number and sort code to this section which should appear at the bottom of the invoice. Your client will have your details and cannot devise an excuse to delay payment of an invoice.

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