Finding the Best Contracts for Contractors – Quick Guide

Finding the Best Contracts for Contractors – Quick Guide

This quick guide demonstrates how to discover and close on-going contracts in the contractor market.

Ongoing Search and Research

Online research into your niche contractor market is key. By constantly scanning the contracting market you will be able to find the best contracts that are being offered. This is ongoing search and research is important as it will ensure that you are always have a contract lined up and hence very little time between contracts.

Highlight Key Skills in your CV

Your key skillset and previous experience will be what sets you apart from other contractors. Always write a unique cover email for each job that you apply for. This cover letter should highlight your specific skills and experience that relate precisely to the job or project. This will improve the likelihood that the employer will regard you as a good match for the specific project/job being advertised hence letting you get a foot in the door. Your CV and cover letter should always be sent via email to the agency/employer.

Always Follow Up after CV Sent

Always send out your email application for a job advertised at least one month before the project start date and always follow it up in one or two days. To ensure that you have a record of all agencies and employers that you have contacted, keep a diary/memo of all your contacts. This will help you sort out the employers and agencies that are serious about you and will be good associates in the future.

Use the Hiring Process to Your Advantage

The hiring process can be used to a contractor’s advantage as it is a relatively simple and short process. Employers will only start looking for a contractor to complete a project a few weeks before it needs to start. When an employer or agency contacts you for the first time, it is normally by phone where a short informal interview will take place. A formal one-on-one interview will then be arranged via email or telephone. As a contractor, you will only get one chance at securing the contact. Hence you need to prepare thoroughly for the interview. Ensure that you showcase all the projects that you have completed and any example of work that pertains directly to the project at hand must be highlighted. Your professionalism and expertise needs to shine through at the interview strengthening your competency as a contractor who has a strong track record in the industry. A decision will normally be given to you via the employer or agency within one week or if the contact is urgent it may be given to you there and then.

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