Hiring the Best Staff – Top Tips

Hiring the Best Staff – Top Tips

Here are our top tips to recruiting the best staff so that you can put together a great team that can lead to company growth.

Top Tip 1 – Add a Full Job Description

It is important to attract the right type of qualified individuals if the best staff is to be recruited. This can only be achieved if a complete yet concise job description is included in your job advertisement. This will ensure that only those individuals that possess the skillset you are looking for will apply.

Top Tip 2 – Advertise on Jobsites

Advertising on Jobsites will ensure that you attract as many prospective candidates as possible. The same job description mentioned above needs to be included in all your adverts for the job whether they are in print or online.

Top Tip 3 – Advertise on Social Media

The use of LinkedIn in staff recruitment is important as it gives you a unique networking opportunity that could help you recruit a high caliber individual online. If you use other social sites ensure that you use the same clearly defined job role description.

Top Tip 4 – List all Employee Benefits

When recruiting it is best to list all the extra benefits that the job offers. To attract the best staff, it is highly likely that they have already received a great pay package so you can entice them with flexible working or part-time working from home which gives them a good work and life balance.

Top Tip 5 – Enhance Company Reputation

If you are looking to recruit great staff members then you should ensure that your Company has a great reputation in the Industry as word-of-mouth travels fast. If you have a unique work environment which channels all your staff’s talents or if you have won some award than these can be shown-off on social media.

Top Tip 6 – Interview TwiceSmall business owners and start-up CEOs should also be the ones that conduct the interviews as well. It is important to create a shortlist of candidates and then interview them a second time to ensure that you have chosen the best applicant as the recruitment process i

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